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Training and Seminars

2008-12-17-2354-17_editedTraining in Psychoenergetic Healing

Training in Psychoenergetic Healing is offered on three levels:

Level I: The basic training covers the theory and techniques of Psychoenergetic Healing and provides an opportunity to observe several complete sessions as well as to personally experience this work (as a “client”).

Level II: The advanced training covers theoretical and technical questions in greater detail and gives healers-in-training an opportunity to practice Psychoenergetic Healing with others while being guided and coached by a master practitioner.

Level III: Healers-in-training receive individualized supervision and professional guidance from a master practitioner.

Required Reading

The book Beyond Psychotherapy is the textbook every student of Psychoenergetic Healing is asked to read carefully, preferably before participating in a Level I seminar.

Experiential Components

The experiential components of the training are threefold:

  • Observation: Healers-in-training observe numerous live sessions conducted by a master practitioner or, as part of Level II training, by other healers-in-training while in the presence of a master practitioner.
  • Training sessions: Healers-in-training conduct sessions with other trainees as “clients,” either as part of the Level II training or in study groups.
  • Individual healing sessions: All healers-in-training should be prepared to experience personal healing sessions with a master practitioner, either in person or long-distance (over the phone or Internet, video optional). While there is no set minimum of individual sessions, we suggest no less than five individual sessions over a period of time.


Upon completion of each level of training, a “Certificate of Training” from the Institute of Psychoenergetic Healing will be awarded. Advanced practitioners may apply to the Institute of Psychoenergetic Healing to be recognized as “Master Practitioner.”


In-person Level I & II trainings may be offered in a week-end format (Friday evening/Saturday/Sunday) or in a series of six evening classes of 2 - 3 hours length. Participants in long-distance trainings should preferably have access to the Internet (broadband) and be equipped with a video camera (optional) and microphone. Long-distance seminars will only be offered in the six-session format. -- Please contact us if you’d like to host or attend a week-end seminar or register for long-distance training. We welcome any questions you might have in this regard.


The typical fees for a Level I or Level II seminar is US $375. However, we may offer discounts for couples and trainees who could otherwise not participate; please contact us for details.

Individual healing sessions typically cost US $180 for about two hours. Long-distance sessions are toll-free.

More Information

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving training in Psychoenergetic Healing. Long-distance classes will be scheduled when a sufficient number of participants have signed up. We would also be willing to travel to you for in-person trainings if you would like to organize a training seminar in your area.


Formal Requirements

While a background in the healing arts (e.g., counseling or mental health) can be useful, we have set no formal requirements for acceptance into training for Psychoenergetic Healers. You do not need to have a college degree or any other formal entry qualification. This is not to say that everybody has what it takes to become a Psychoenergetic Healer, or that the training is anything but rigorous, as you will see below.

Personal Requirements

More important than any diploma or formal course of study are personal attributes and characteristics of the person who wishes to become a healer. Below we will discuss desirable personal qualities and the crucial question of motivation.


Here are a few desirable -- even indispensable -- qualities and characteristics we would wish to find in a healer-in-training (this list is neither exhaustive nor in order of importance):

  • Scrupulous honesty toward self and others, and the courage to embrace one’s shadow.
  • An openness toward change and transformation on all levels.
  • Intellectual flexibility and agility, and a capacity to entertain abstract thoughts and concepts.
  • The ability to communicate well.
  • The ability to connect empathically with others.
  • A high degree of interpersonal and intrapersonal maturity.
  • Integrity of character.
  • Sensitivity regarding the feelings and needs of oneself and others.
  • A caring, sincere, and compassionate heart.


A fair amount of soul-searching should go into exploring the motivation behind one’s desire to become a healer. In the New Age vernacular, the catchphrase “intent is everything” has become very popular -- and there is some truth to that. By “motivation,” we mean the conscious and unconscious intent that fuels our thoughts, actions, and choices. Here are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves repeatedly: Do I wish to be a healer because it feels good to make a difference in other people’s lives? Do I like the feeling of self-importance that comes from being privy to another’s innermost secrets? Do I satisfy my own needs for closeness and intimacy by connecting with the client from the safety of being the “expert”? Do I enjoy the acclaim or admiration that comes with performing what seem to be “miracles”? Do I wish to heal my own issues through working on another person’s pain? Do I wish to become rich, famous, or loved through doing the work?

We cannot tell you what the “right” answer to those questions should be. If you answered “no” to most or all of them, you may be less than truthful with yourself. Human beings are messy, and we all carry higher and lower aspects within ourselves. By addressing the question of motivation scrupulously, we can learn a lot about ourselves, and we may avert harm from our clients and, just as importantly, from ourselves. We discuss this topic in greater depth in Chapter 24 (“Risks and Benefits of Becoming an Energetic Healer”) of our book Beyond Psychotherapy.


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