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A New Template

Dear Friends,

Once again, we thank you and Leia [Linda] for this opportunity to have this conscious communication at this auspicious time for you and your beautiful planet.

Much has been said regarding the physical changes that are occurring upon your planet during this time of great awakening for Mother Earth. She is arousing from her slumber quickly now, as are you. And as with all things that appear new and different, it is not always easy or pleasant to accept the rapid changes that may accompany such an awakening.

Indeed, for more and more beings great fears are arising from within and register in their conscious awareness as they let go of how “things have been” and begin to allow for “how things are becoming.”

If you look again at the “macrocosm” -- or that which you call the world stage -- you see that many situations appear to be even more confusing by the day. Then you add your own personal situations to this and things appear even less clear-cut than ever.

You simply don’t know what to expect each day as you arise. Change and surprises are the order of the day. Where you once used to arise each morning with certainty as to how your day would unfold, now you often wonder what will happen today that will be even more challenging than what you experienced the day before.

Leia has given up planning her life as she once used to. Instead, she has had to trust even more than before that whatever is happening is perfect and in her “highest good” as it is -- not how she would have mandated it to be. This is a big change for Leia, as she would willingly attest!

We have shared with Leia that the influx of energies that are flooding your plane and filling each and every one of you is creating something very new and different for each of you to embrace. You and your planet are being transformed energetically. It is what we have called a new Template that is now part of your being. It is asking that you let go in every moment of how you think things must be in order to be acceptable to you.

Your beings in human form are charting new waters, beloved friends, and this new Template must become your guide.

All of you have agreed to be alive now to be part of this grand transformation. Many of you have known of this, but the majority of you have not. The changes you are experiencing can be challenging at best.

Because Leia agreed to travel to a portion of your plane where the new subtle frequencies were entering your planet more rapidly, she was exposed rather quickly to more than she had been experiencing in her home area. This is what created a “collision” if you will, of frequencies within her being that triggered her illness and that has been in the process or resolution during her time of rest. She agreed to this rapid escalation in order to be available to others then who may be embracing this new Template at a more measured pace. But let us assure you, dear friends, all will eventually embrace this new energy grid that is filling your form even as these words are being written.

So what can one do to cope with this new challenge to the status quo that has endeavored to rule your lives to this time?

First, simply acknowledge that the changes that are occurring within and around your being can be most useful.

  • Then, we suggest affirming that you welcome and embrace these changes.
  • Most importantly, it is incumbent upon you to ask for help! The Light and the Beings of Light cannot aid you as these changes occur within your being unless you request our help.
  • Finally, it will be important for you to trust that this help has arrived.

Dear friends, we are with you in every moment. We and the Light are constantly available to flood your being with healing energies that can ease the letting go of that which appears frightening to you during this time of great change.

We not only will help you soothe your fears and release your pain from lifetimes of suffering, but we can also smooth the pathways for the new frequencies that are settling into your beings as you move through this time of great transformation and awakening.

All you need do is ask and the help is there.

You have chosen to be alive at this time, dear friends. This is the most important work you will ever do as humans. Ever! And the time is now.

Know that we are with you and love you in every moment.


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