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About Linda and Martin



Linda Stein-Luthke

Linda has been an active student of metaphysics for the last 28 years. She has been a mother and foster mother, successful business woman, activist and philanthropist in the women's community, teacher of astrology, and, first and foremost, a seeker throughout her life. Linda has studied extensively with Master teachers in the fields of meditation, healing, herbology and nutrition, and Astrology. She has extensive training in the mystical traditions of the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sufi, and Buddhist faiths. Linda was recognized by Rev. Sensei Ogui, now Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of America, as a Senior Student and was given the dharma name Shaku Mu Ge Kou ("Follower of Buddha Unhindered Light").

Her travels in the pursuit of these teachings have allowed her to work side by side with Masters in India, Nepal, and Cyprus as well as in the United States.

Linda has had many phenomenal experiences which have led her to develop gifts in written and oral channeling of higher vibrational frequencies. For the past 22+ years she has channeled Higher Vibrational Beings -- most frequently the Ascended Masters El Morya Khan and St. Germain -- for individuals and groups locally as well as abroad.

For the last 17 years, Linda has been working in collaboration with her husband and clinical psychologist, Dr. Martin Luthke, to develop an effective, comprehensive course of healing and spiritual awakening. In addition, they have written a number of books published by Expansion Publishing.

Martin F. Luthke, Ph.D., D-CEP

Martin is the founder and director of the Institute of Psychoenergetic Healing. He is a  psychologist with many years of training and experience in the practice of psychology. In addition to doctoral-level training at the University of Hamburg, Germany and the University of Cincinnati, Martin has received training in psychodrama, hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki (II), Hypno-Kinesiology, The Reconnection (III), Integrated Energy Therapy (III) and other techniques. He is a Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). He has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients of all ages, blending a solid foundation of psychological expertise with a holistic view of human beings as physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beings.

Martin is also an Ethical Massage Practitioner (EMP) who offers energy balancing through Reiki, Polarity Balancing, Reflexology, acupressure, The Reconnection, Integrated Energy Therapy, as well as Swedish Massage.

Dr. Luthke has (co-) authored numerous scientific and metaphysical publications.

Linda and Martin are the parents of two grown sons, Zack and Todd, and of two elementary-school children, Evan and Anya, whom they adopted from Ukraine in 2005.

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